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Filing For Divorce In Texas

Divorces are stressful, even under the best circumstances. Under less favorable circumstances, you might feel like your divorce will be impossible to resolve. The Cusic Law Firm, P.C. is dedicated to helping our clients get the divorce they need to move on with their lives. Whether your divorce is amicable or high-conflict, we will serve as strong advocates for you. Your interests come first to us.

While divorce can be difficult, our goal is to make it easier on you and your children any way we can. If an uncontested divorce is possible, we will be with you to help you get a favorable settlement. If it is not, we have the courtroom skills needed to fight for you. Nothing is more important to us than meeting your personal needs during your divorce.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

If you are able to agree on every issue, your divorce is considered uncontested. The earliest you can be divorced in Texas is in 60 days, which saves you time, money, and stress.

If you are unable to agree on all issues in your divorce, we will guide you through the process of contested divorce. In this type of divorce, you and your spouse will need to participate in mediation to negotiate the terms of an agreement. If you do not come to an agreement, you will need to go to court and litigate any outstanding issues that will need to be addressed before your marriage can be dissolved. The court will then make decisions based on your testimonies and any other relevant evidence. You generally only have to go to court when you can't reach an agreement.

Property Division Lawyer in Harris County

Before you can complete your divorce, you will need to address issues related to the property you and your spouse own. The first step is to determine what is separate property and what is community property. Separate property is anything you owned before the marriage as well as things like gifts, inheritances, or legal settlements that were meant for only one spouse. Each person keeps their own separate property.

Texas is a community property state, so you and your spouse equally own everything else acquired during the marriage. Community property is divided in a "just and right" manner. In deciding what is most equitable, the judge can consider things like each spouse's earning ability, who has primary custody of any children, and whose fault the divorce is. Spousal Support may be awarded in some cases, although it is generally only a factor in situations where one spouse will be unable to fully support themselves following their divorce.

Divorce Issues Concerning Your Children

If you and your spouse have children together, you will need to determine how you will be able to work together to address their needs and provide the necessary care going forward. When addressing these matters, your children's best interests are the deciding factor. If you and your spouse are unable to agree on a custody and visitation schedule or child support, the court will decide based on what is best for the children. Arrangements were both parents are able to make decisions regarding the children together are highly preferred.

An amicus attorney might be appointed if there is a dispute over any issues related to child custody or visitation. This trained individual will speak to the children alone in order to gauge what type of arrangement would work best for them, and they will offer recommendations to the court about how matters related to child custody should be resolved.

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The Cusic Law Firm, P.C. has experience with all types of divorce. Our skilled attorneys will serve as strong advocates for you in or out of the courtroom. Contact us online or call us at 713-650-1866 for a free consultation.

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