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3 Apps to Help You Co-Parent in Texas

 Posted on April 16, 2024 in Divorce

Co-parenting after a divorce can be tense, especially if the divorce was due to a breakdown in communication. For many parents who struggle to communicate with each other, co-parenting can stir up hostility. This can cause legal issues if the parents cannot agree on things like:

  • Parenting time

  • Child support

  • The child’s educational and developmental needs

If you are a new co-parent or are concerned that your co-parenting arrangement might be breaking down, it is best to consult a Texas attorney who is experienced in family law.

In addition to legal assistance, many parents use mobile apps that are designed to make co-parenting easier for parents and children.

Here are three co-parenting apps that newly divorced parents may find useful.

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What Role Does an Attorney Play in an Uncontested Divorce in Texas?

 Posted on March 14, 2024 in Family Law

TX divorce lawyerSome couples going through divorce have hurt feelings that leave them incapable of working together, making it extremely difficult to reach a settlement. Some couples manage to maintain healthy communication despite wishing to end the marriage. For the second category, an uncontested divorce can be an excellent option because the couple can work together to draft a divorce settlement. If their settlement addresses every issue necessary, the judge can approve it and grant the divorce without the need for drawn-out divorce proceedings in court.

Since this means that the couple is the driving force behind the settlement, they will likely be negotiating and compromising with one another. People might mistakenly think that a lawyer is unnecessary for such a divorce. However, uncontested divorce is still a legal procedure, and anyone who has not studied the law thoroughly will require the legal guidance and expertise that a lawyer can offer. If you and your spouse are likely headed toward an uncontested divorce, speak with a Harris County, TX divorce attorney to make sure you are including all necessary aspects in your settlement.

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Is It Possible to Modify a Divorce Decree in Texas?

 Posted on February 22, 2024 in Divorce

TX divorce lawyerOne of the most difficult aspects of negotiating a divorce settlement is that you need to act as if you can predict the future. You generally go on the assumption that the conditions as they are will remain the same later on. However, conditions can always change. Someone unstable can go through therapy and work on themselves. Someone who has a lucrative career can get laid off and lose their income. Since things can change and have a significant impact on your future, it is reasonable that people who agreed to a divorce settlement might find later on that it no longer suits them. If you are interested in seeing whether modifications can be made to your divorce decree, a knowledgeable Houston, TX divorce lawyer can provide insight.

Can Any Part of a Divorce Decree Be Modified?

The short answer is no. Not all parts of a decree can be modified. The sections related to the division of marital assets and debts will need to remain as they are unless you discover that your ex was hiding assets or information or you can prove that the settlement was unjust according to the law.

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Should I Try to Have an Uncontested Divorce in Texas?

 Posted on January 18, 2024 in Divorce

Houston uncontested divorce lawyerMost people have seen acrimonious divorce played out on TV and in the movies. The spouses do whatever they can to spite each other and need to have the judge order them to do various things. Many people also personally know couples who ended their marriage in bitter divorce proceedings. That does not mean animosity is the only way forward. If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage but maintain productive communication, you could have an uncontested divorce. Speak with a knowledgeable Houston, TX divorce lawyer to find out more.

What Is Unique About Uncontested Divorce?

The truth is that there are many similarities between typical and uncontested divorce. At the end of both processes, the spouses need to have a divorce settlement that covers the same topics, including:

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Getting Familiar with Child Possession Schedules

 Posted on December 18, 2023 in Adoption

Harris County family lawyerIn Texas, various parenting time schedules are available from which parents may choose. The most common are the Standard Possession Order, Possession Order for Children Under Three, Supervised Possession Order, and Modified Possession Order. Of course, parents are free to come up with any possession schedule they see fit that is in their children’s best interest. A Texas family law and divorce attorney can assist you in figuring out your parenting plan schedule. They can review each common possession order and adjust them to fit your preferred schedule.

What is a Possession Order?

The court order handed down by a judge that details when each parent has a right to time with their children is a possession order. Texas offers many different types of possession orders, with the most common being:

How Divorce Mediation Works in Texas

 Posted on November 16, 2023 in Divorce

Harris County divorce lawyerMediation is a court-ordered process and alternative to traditional divorce litigation. Parties can choose to request mediation and present their agreement in writing, but it is up to the judge's discretion if mediation is granted in place of a traditional trial. A lawyer who is well-educated and experienced in mediation can provide insight into if mediation is the right choice for your divorce.

What is Mediation?

Two parties come together to resolve conflicts within their divorce, while a third-party mediator helps steer the situation toward a more amicable outcome. Mediation is most often used to resolve the three significant points of contention in a divorce: property divisionchild custody, and alimony. Mediation is a highly effective alternative negotiation method with a high success rate.

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How Does Divorce Affect My Credit Score?

 Posted on October 16, 2023 in Divorce

Harris County divorce lawyerYour credit score may be one of the last things you think about when going through a divorce. There are so many important things to think about, such as property divisionconservatorship, support, and just the headache that divorce can naturally bring with it. Divorce may not damage your credit directly, but related financial problems could. When considering divorce, consult an attorney who can help you cover all your bases and keep you on track to avoid future complications.

What Are Some Indirect Impacts of Divorce On My Credit Score?

Marital status does not factor into your credit score. However, certain duties performed or bills paid can be a cause for concern once a divorce is finalized. Missing payments is the primary reason for a dip in a credit score. It is easy to forget how much the other spouse has been paying in financial expenses until it hits you in the face.

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How Can I Protect My Children in a Contested Divorce?

 Posted on September 19, 2023 in Divorce

Houston divorce lawyerDivorce is a legal process that ends a marriage and divides property, debts, and parental responsibilities. It can be a difficult and emotional time for everyone involved.

In some cases, couples can agree on the terms of their divorce without going to court. This is called an uncontested divorce. However, if couples cannot agree on the terms of their divorce, it becomes a contested divorce. Child custody and visitation is one such disagreement that can lead to a contested divorce.

Contested divorces can be more complex and expensive than uncontested divorces. Each spouse will typically need to hire their own attorney to represent them in court.

How Do I File for Divorce With Children?

The process of filing for divorce is the same whether or not you have children. You or your spouse must file the original divorce petition, and the other spouse becomes the respondent.

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What Expenses Are Included in Child Support Calculations?

 Posted on August 16, 2023 in Divorce

TX family lawyerChild support is a payment provided by one parent to the other to help cover child-raising expenses. The amount of child support owed depends on various factors, like the income of both parents, the number of children, and how much time each parent spends with them.

What Expenses You Can Expect Child Support to Cover

The expenses included in child support calculations are essential for the child's well-being and development. They typically cover basic living requirements like food, clothing, shelter, and basic educational costs

Additional Child Support Expenses

Other expenses, considered to be "extraordinary" or "unusual" may be factored into child support calculations. Special needs expenses, covering medical care, therapy, and other necessities, may be considered. Educational expenses, like private school tuition and tutoring, could also be included. Expenses for vacations and sporting events might be factored in if they are deemed beneficial but not required for the child. These expenses are often considered to be eligible for reimbursement.

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Understanding Parental Rights Termination in Adoption Cases

 Posted on July 21, 2023 in Adoption

TX family lawyerIn the realm of family law, the rights of biological parents are vital, encompassing their involvement in their child's life and the authority to make decisions regarding their upbringing. Nonetheless, there are circumstances where parents may willingly relinquish or involuntarily lose their parental rights during adoption.

The Termination of Parental Rights for Adoption

In the context of adoption, the termination of parental rights is often necessary to facilitate the process. Under Texas law, a child can legally have only two parents. Hence, the termination of parental rights becomes a crucial step for adoptive parents to legally adopt a child. However, Texas courts demand a substantial burden of proof before they terminate parental rights.

Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights

Sometimes, a parent makes the selfless decision to voluntarily surrender their parental rights. When a parent realizes that they cannot provide the life the child deserves, they may choose to put the child up for adoption. While this decision is never easy, it is occasionally in the child's best interest. Additionally, a man who discovers that he is not the biological father of a child may also initiate a parental rights termination case.

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